Beautiful, unique and fun just for you

Thank you for shopping with Dz Bag Shop. Today’s Women lead crazy, busy, always on the go lives.  You are the Superwoman of your life.  

We know that making your life work requires “stuff”, lots of “stuff”.  My goal is to design and handcraft bags and accessories that helps today’s Superwomen remain organized, beautifully.

I Believe That Women Today are Superheroes

Think about all the things you do, everyday…you are off to work, the gym, shopping, dinner, a night out….maybe children’s sporting events, school programs….and that’s just a normal every day – busy days are even crazier.

All of those things take “stuff”…and “stuff” has to be gathered and carried.

Imagine how much time, anxiety and stress you could save if everyone was ready!

Consider how nice it would be to not have the last minute morning rush to make sure everyone is out the door with the “stuff” they need. Instead, everybody’s bags are packed, at the door and ready to go! No more rushing around trying to find your book, pad, extra shoes, ear phones, train card, keys. They are in your handcrafted, artisanal bag sitting ready to go. No more last minute rushing to find your gym clothes, gym pass, water bottle, shoes, towel, toiletries. They are already in your handcrafted, artisanal bag ready to go.

No children running around panicking because they can’t find their soccer shoes, shin guards, leotards, swim suit, dance shoes…..they are all packed in their own bags….ready to go! No more rushing home because the swim suit was forgotten.

While you are busy, always on the go, you are also confident, sure of yourself and want to look good. You like artisanal, limited quantity accessories, because you aren’t going to see your accessories on someone else’s arm. You know what you like, you know what you need and you like beauty and function that is priced right. Mostly you want all of that with quality, you’re tired of  wasting your money on poorly made, disposable items that look just like everybody else’s.

At Dz Bag Shop we create handcrafted, artisanal bags designed to help keep today’s Superwomen organized, beautifully.