How we got here

Family pictures


As with so many things in our lives, family is where the journey of Dz Bag Shop began.

With the arrival of our Granddaughters, it was clear that our Daughter-in-Law wasn’t finding exactly what she wanted for a baby bag. She kept looking for that perfect bag. You know…the one that had tons of pockets, could handle it all, would last for more than 6 months and still look great, without necessarily looking like a diaper bag.

I was able to design a bag that met her needs and kept everyone organized through 2 girls and over 5 years of all the things that keep families with little ones going.  I am forever grateful that my Mother and Grandmother taught me to handcraft as a young child.  They gave me the skills to design and bring to life the artistry I see in my mind’s eye, so

Voila…we were on our journey. 

After that, I began tiring of never finding bags that met my needs. Bags that were made to last and look beautiful, were unique and allowed me to move through a crazy, busy life with style and ease. Too often bags fell apart in a very short time, straps broke because they weren’t sewn well, and I found myself “settling” for something less than I really wanted. You all know how that goes.

Our bags are always designed to be unique, fun and functional. They are designed to help make your lives easier, prettier and fashionable.  You fill so many roles in your life and each of those roles need “stuff”.

My goal is to always design and handcraft purses and bags that you will love! Beautiful bags, because we all deserve to love the look of the bags we carry nearly every day. Unique bags, because you don’t want to carry the same bag as everyone else. Bags that are functional, because you are busy and you just don’t have time for things that don’t meet your needs.